Peerless Wholesale:

In all locations other than our Vancouver Island home region, we are interested in working with Resellers at either the Retail Commercial Level, Contractor. Artisan  or small scale specialty Internet resellers .


Commercial Resellers:

We are interested in developing  commerical business resale arrangements with conventional Bricks and Mortar operators across Canada and in the US.  Let us know if you feel any particular products you see on this website could be a good seller in your area and we’ll be happy to quote including with shipping charges.  Commercial discounts will be applied related to order size.



Local contractors (Vancouver Island) can obtain a standard 10% discount for non custom or specialty items.

Items listed at special sales pricing not available for discount. 

Project Contractors or developers elsewhere we can provide materials and shipping quotes with volume discounts available on some items.


Artisans/Small Manufacturers:

If your small business requires a specific type or size or species of wood, contact us about developing an ongoing supply situation for you. So you don’t have to spend valuable time chasing down your materials.


Internet Resellers:   A small business opportunity

Are you one of these folks:

  • Retired and bored or needing some extra income to pay the bills 
  • Underemployed… and needing more income
  • Looking for a part time enterprise/ home based business.
  • Housewife who can figure out internet marketing.

If you are familiar with Craiglist, Kijiji, Usedeverywhere, and other free or paid classified ad sites you’ll realize that a lot of products are sold this way these days.  Also thru “Social Media” … twitter, facebook, Linkin etc.

Some of our products are a good fit to sell thru these media. Our decor Live Edge Cedar might be one such example. Also our wide plank and clear finish in place Fir Flooring…( you could also do the install and finishing. ) Our Post and Beam Sheds and Structure kits… in some locations. Cedar Gates and Fencing/Decking/Siding. Interior Paneling … Fir or Cedar.

Note: Our products tend to be heavy and bulky… so are not something you should likely be considering if you live in a standard suburban environment.

Also the freight bill can preclude small quantity type orders on some products.

To consider operating a business reselling our products you would need as a minimum:

  • Suitable dry and secured storage space.
  • Some means of unloading delivery trucks.  All items would  be palletized.

The ideal situation might be a suitable semi rural location/ small town adjacent to big city or underutilized warehouse in the city.

Another solution is larger van type trailers which can serve as both secure storage and delivery system.

Obviously for logistical and freight cost reasons you would have to order enough to keep the freight cost per item low enough to justify the effort. For some items… bulk fencing cedar for example, you would almost need to move a B-Train truckload to make it work. For other items… such as live edge decor slabs perhaps  three or four pieces would work. You could ship three for almost the same price as one.



All ordered items would have to be paid for in full before shipment. Because of the never ending supply of scammers on-line we will not consider anything but credit card or cheques (clearing delay). Also you will need to sign a delivery receipt acknowledging you have received/accepted the order before it is unloaded.

Note Minimum Quantities will apply: 

All prices FOB millsite Cobble Hill, BC, Canada













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