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A recent story on “60 minutes” about those composite flooring products… Is there any level of this stuff you’d want in your residence?


The real story behind that flooring you see in the BIG BOX STORE:

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We read this story on Huff Post … the possibilities of using Peerless Shed Framing Kits for simple, cheap, homeless shelters should be obvious… I wouldn’t hold my breath thou… by the time the experts, bureaucrats, code inspectors and other professional hangers-on got thru with the idea these things would cost 50 grand each.

Homeless shetlers


 Peerless Shou-Sugi-Ban:

We are going to make two or three videos on this subject. Shou-Sugi-Ban is about the ancient Japanese (and European Versions) of perserving  logs or wood used for exterior siding. Done with the complete heavy burn technique it creates a surface that deters insect attacks. It can still be used for this, or well timbers can be done in the same way.

Although that was the original use, the carbonized/burnt effect also can create spectacular interior or furniture finish looks… something that architects are now much focussed on.

The first video in this series is on the technique as applied to heavy planks and timbers.





Peerless Wood Services Videos:

The first in a series we plan to produce detailing Peerless Wood Services

Logosol 360 – Machine for doing custom profile work such as flooring, siding, paneling. We can run your own wood through, or provide the completed project including materials.




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This is a video of a processor we made a few years ago when we had a sawmill operation. It turns waste slabwood into useable firewood.

We build a lot of our own equipment for specific products.




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