Custom Services



Texture Finishing:

Peerless offers a service to custom finish boards or beams to create a range of results ranging from a rough brushed look to a fully raised grain finish such as found in old exposed wood.  Depending on end requirements this can take several individual processes and wood can be supplied with or without Aging or Barn Board effects.


Old Wood Aging and Antique Effects:

Peerless has custom processes to take a new piece of wood and make it look old.  This can include distressing in various ways if required.  These can generally be considered as ‘Artisan’ techniques applied to individual pieces of wood for furniture or interior decor.  But, on a larger scale, some aging effects can be applied to flooring and other products.

See our ‘Feature Wall’   Page for some versions of these effects.


Weathering Effects:

Often combined with the Texture work as outlined above to create a raised grain effect, Peerless can create a weathered look in boards or beams. Usually the gray-silvery barn board look is the desired result, but there are many possible variations on this theme including colourized weather paint looks.

Again this is custom ‘Artisan’ level work,  ranging in difficulty from fairly simple to complex to do.

See our ‘Barn Board‘  Page for some volume products with these effects.



Smaller jobs are by the hour.  Based on $100 per hour shop time including equipment setup. Minimum charge $75. Materials and supplies some processes additional charge.






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