Peerless is a small, locally owned Finished Wood Products operation located on Vancouver Island.

At our Cobble Hill shop we manufacture unique but lower volume solid wood speciality wood products. You won’t find these items at Big Box Stores.

Wood decor products follow trends and like many other home items are evolving back towards local and specialty rather than volume driven standard products. Peerless is well positioned to serve this need.

An analogy is the beer business. 100 years ago all beers were local brewed. But by 1960 breweries consisted of a few big corporate behemoths with limited products. Then about 25 years ago it started to come back local when ‘craft’ beers started to appear. Now these craft or ‘boutique’ small batch beers are available everywhere and the big breweries focus on cheap…

It is very like that for us as specialty decor suppliers. We make ‘boutique’ finishing products for discerning customers. Some of the things we do… are downright ‘crafty’.

Many of our products are unique to Peerless. Notably the variations on barn board interior paneling and our antiqued ‘canoe-stain’  flooring and paneling. These finishes, including the custom colourized versions, are created in shop. None are available in any store.

Some of the finish effects we apply are technically difficult. For example, the carbonized wood or “Shou-sugi-ban” technique has a problem getting an even effect for lightly charred wood. So we had to build our own machine for making it, and we are happy to say… it works perfectly.

Texture brush finishing also required us to build our own equipment.

So innovation is part of our culture and not just in the products we produce.

Customers frequently come to us to supply hard-to-find profiles or flooring for old home restorations. These are custom made to suit the requirements. Definitely not products to be found in any Home Depot.

“Local” is a concept we believe in totally. We purchase all our raw stock wood in BC… not a single piece comes from China. All our wood comes from local well managed forests. You’ll just have to believe us on that. Occasionally we get requests, particularly from big project designers, that we must be “FSC certified” or similar greenwashed. These so-called ‘certifications’ require huge amounts of money and pretty much eliminate the small guys from these projects. So be it…

We appreciate our customers that choose to buy locally and will do our best to provide you with the best of products and service.

Yes we do frequently ship all over Canada and the US… not exactly local… but better than buying something stolen from a tropical rainforest and processed in some sweatshop and sold through the big corporate money machine.

Peerless is  out there on the social media, so check us out on: Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

We post and pin to these as often as we can find time. So check them out for our latest projects going on. And if you’ve done your own thing with our stuff feel free to brag about it and post it up on our Facebook page. And please Like, Follow us to keep up with new ideas.

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