Bigleaf Maple Flooring:

1x4 Bigleaf Maple flooring

1×4 Bigleaf Maple flooring

Peerless Maple Flooring is made from the Bigleaf Maple tree common to Vancouver Island. Not one stick is imported. All 100% Local.

We make Maple flooring in three sizes:

1 x 4 (3-1/4″x 23/32″) lengths 1′ to 8’… average 6′ plus.  This is mostly a rift (mixed grain) clear

1 x 6  wide plank. (5-1/4″x 23/32″) lengths 1′ to 8’… average 6′ plus. This version has some knots and character items, such as variable colouration, grain streaking

1 x 8  wide plank. (7-1/4″x 23/32″) lengths to 8′ . As 1 x 6 this is a version with some knots and character elements.

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