Pine Solid Wood Flooring:

An economical solid wood flooring product… no formalehyde or other unknown chemicals makes this perfect for kids rooms… or for anybody that is very concerned about the mass produced industrial flooring products made in China…

The “60 Minutes” Segment you must see if you’re thinking of flooring…

 A new item from Peerless… Our pine flooring is our most economical flooring product… Starting at just $3.00 a square foot, it is more than competitive with the many cheap flooring products available at Big Box Stores.

Peerless Pine 2


The perfect DIY flooring… easy to install and finish. We call this our ‘Slipper Room Flooring’… it is perfect for kids rooms and many other situations where you’d like a real wood floor but find the alternatives too expensive.

This is real solid wood flooring, 3/4″ thick… not some cheap fibreboard product that is going to fall apart the first time something wet gets spilled on it.

Local… made in Canada… economy flooring.

Pine flooring is virtually an unknown product in British Columbia… but is in very common use in Eastern Canada, Southern US and Europe…  especially Nordic  countries.   As for quality, BC Pine originates from slow growing, tight grain Lodgepole Pine trees and is a completely better product for flooring applications than southern, fast growth species.

Note: Pine Flooring lots may contain the odd Spruce piece (virtually identical appearance) or Douglas Fir (slightly reddish) and well as some blue-grey streaking in Pine pieces. Both Spruce and Fir are actually harder than the pine. 

Available Sizes and Pricing:

Available Widths:                             Lengths:            $/ square foot

1 x 6 (actual 23/32″ x 5″)                    8′, 10′  or 12′                  $3.00

1 x 8 (actual 23/32″ x 7″ )                   8′, 10′  or 12′                  $3.50



Pre-sanding… saves install time and reduces dust from finishing… add $0.70 square foot.

End-matching… end tongue and groove on boards… add $0.70 square foot.  

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Denim Pine Flooring:   Custom Order Product

Peerless denim pine flooring, sometimes called blue stain pine or beetle kill pine, is made from interior BC Lodgepole pine trees, killed or damaged by the ravages of the Mountain Pine Beetle.

About the only plus side of this devastating infestation is that often the wood develops a beautiful blue or blue-gray colouration, often in a streaky fashion. It is quite striking.

Beetle Kill Pine Colored Wood

Beetle Kill Pine Colored Wood











Denim Pine Pricing:  Subject to availability. 

 1×6 and 1×8 Versions all $4.99 square foot.

Presanding option: Add $0.70 square foot…

End matching option: Add $0.70 per square foot.


Product Information:

Peerless Pine Flooring is supplied as a ‘Mill-Run’ product. This is  NOT pre-finished ready-to-install flooring. It will have some defects such as pitch pockets, cracked knots, or short splits which will have to be trimmed out or filled by purchaser at time of install. It is rough sanded, but additional sanding prior to finishing is recommended. Boards ends are square cut not “End matched” … it does not have tongue and groove on the ends.

Available two profile styles: standard flooring butt t&g or ‘micro-bevel’ edges…










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