Peerless only offers wooden flooring product made from forest species native to Vancouver Island. For well over 100 years, the best known of the trees used for flooring has been Douglas Fir. Narrow width and clear vertical grain fir flooring can still be found in many an old house, either still in use or ‘rediscovered’ when well worn carpeting is torn up.

We still often supply this type of flooring either for restorations or completely new floors. However, the more common request now is for knotty character style ‘plank’ flooring.

Other local Vancouver Island species are also excellent flooring choices although much less known. Hemlock, for example, makes beautiful flooring either edge grain or flat (face) grain. It tends to be lighter in colour and less contrast when compared to Fir. Yellow Cedar, (not really a Cedar) is another exotic local with a beautiful appearance either edge grain or face grain. Alder, Maple and occasionally Arbutus (Madrone) are all used locally for custom home and business locations.

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