Nootka Cypress also called:  Yellow cedar, Alaska cypress, Nootka cedar, Yellow cypress, Alaska cedar, and Alaska yellow cedar. But it is NOT a CEDAR…

Nootka Cypress makes excellent flooring as well as decking, siding, and numerous other finishing products.  However, you won’t find this excellent wood in your local Big Box Store.

Nootka Cypress – Yellow Cedar… has long been a favorite with boat builders and with West Coast First Nations as a wood with great cultural significance, notably for carving, paddles and masks. For more complete info,  check out this excellent Wikipedia article under “Yellow Cedar

Nootka Cypress Flooring:

Note: At this time all Nootka Cypress Product is Custom Order Only. So if interested request a quote, but expect some time delay. Minimum Order Quantities will apply. 

Available in Knotty Rustic Wide Plank 1×6 and 1×8 or Clear Vertical Grain 1×4

Peerless Yellow Cedar Wide Plank Flooring


Above and below pictures of 1×8 Nootka Cypress Wide Plank Flooring as finished with clear Rubio Monocoat…which tends to maintain the natural wood look while accentuating the tonal contrast…

Peerless Forest Products Yellow Cedar Wide Plank Flooring


Peerless Pre-Finish Nootka Cypress Wide Plank:

Peerless Nootka Cypress flooring is commonly offered as a site-finish or finish-in-place flooring. NOT PRE-FINISH… However we can supply an optional semi pre-finish. We take the planks… subject to them to an ‘aging’ surface treatment… which renders them a brown shade as below. This then is ‘sealed’ with either an oil based varathane (which gives a dark golden brown shade) or a water based varathane (which gives a lighter tone- as below). After install, another coat of water based varathane… usually more than one… is applied with a light sanding before the last coat is applied.

More information and pricing …. contact us directly.

Peerless Yellow Cedar Plank Flooring Pre-finish


Nootka Cypress Exterior Decking:

Custom Order Product Only… Minimum Quantity will apply. 

Nootka Cypress Decking is a great replacement for the very common Red Cedar. It is actually a considerably stronger and denser wood than Red Cedar but has similar durability and resistance to moisture and rot. Left unfinished it will… over a year or so… turn a beautiful silver gray tone.

Peerless Yellow Cedar Exterior Decking

 One little known fact about Nootka Cypress which makes it excellent for decking and other exterior uses, is its strong resistance to termites. Most notably the Formosa Termite. This godzilla of bugs destroyed wooden structures damaged during the Katrina disaster. Most had to be torn down. Nootka Cypress… kills termites.

We will post more pictures of Nootka Cypress as they become available. Feel free to contact us for more information on uses and product pricing.

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