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Peerless Douglas Fir Wide Plank Flooring has become recognized as a premium grade solid wood flooring product used in homes, shops, offices  and business locations across North America.

For Your Interest… and as critical information about our products.

Peerless only sells  natural SOLID WOOD FLOORING… not laminates or composites or so-called engineering flooring.  Nothing we sell has toxic glues such as formaldehyde… which are used in the cheap boxed flooring found in every big box store and countless other flooring retailers.

Solid wood flooring products… and paneling… do not contain toxic chemicals.


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VG fir 8












Further, Peerless only offers solid wooden flooring product  made from forest species native to British Columbia.


For  well over 100 years, the best known of the BC species used for  flooring has been Douglas Fir.  Narrow width and clear  vertical grain fir flooring can still be found in many an old  house, either still in use or ‘rediscovered’ when  carpeting is torn up.


We still often supply this type of flooring either for restorations or completely new floors. However, the more common request now is for knotty character style ‘plank’ flooring. Wide Plank Flooring we normally have in stock on common sizes and can offer widths up to 1×10 inches. Peerless Fir Wide Plank can be installed and finished in many ways, from the contemporary Scandanavian Lye Wash or ‘White-Wash’ bleached look, through natural tones to a quite dark character finish.



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  All Peerless Fir Flooring has these common values


…Locally sourced from sustainably managed forests, either public or private


…Stock is kiln dried to optimum  moisture content prior to machining.


…All stock is tongue and groove edges, end matched (end t&g) and back relieved.


…Other edge styles including micro-bevel t&g, butt joint or shiplap are available upon request.


…Machined to 23/32” thickness. Can be custom ordered thicker or thinner. This thickness allows the floor to be refinished as required many times.


… Comes in carry packages to 3 to 13′ long, with average lengths around 11′. Not in 5′ cardboard boxes.


  …All flooring is native wood – no harsh chemicals or off-gassing from the wood itself.


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Peerless Fully Manufactured Fir Wide Plank Flooring:


This is a plank style flooring product which contains solid knots and other character elements. IT IS NOT CLEAR WOOD. Versatile flooring which can be installed and finished to meet many different design objectives… everything from contemporary  Scandinavian Lye-Wash or bleached lightened ‘white-washed’ to Rustic and Ranch finished… or even very dark. A perfect product for log or timber framed homes and similar country rustic style homes. 


Peerless Fir wide plank can create that ‘Wow’ factor… 


This flooring is  tongue and groove edged, back relieved and “end matched” (tongue and groove on board ends) and loose knots and imperfections are removed. It is ready to install. It can be supplied micro-bevel t&g.


Standard product is not supplied pre-finished… it is a finish-in-place flooring. However Peerless does now offer some semi-prefinish versions… for more information, scroll down to Pre-Finish sections. 

Available sizes… 


1×6  (5″face x 23/32″  thick) … normally in stock for quick shipment

1×8  (7″ x 23/32″) … stocked.

1×10 (9″x 3/4″)


Other widths and thicknesses to 12″ are available by special order.


Peerless Wide Plank Fir IS the preferred stock for European Style Lye-Wash or bleached flooring projects as increasingly found in high-end homes, shops and other uses. You no longer have to obtain this beautiful material from European sources.


    The picture is a link… to a Home Adore gallery


    … an awesome Tor0nto home using Peerless 1×10


     wide plank fir flooring and done with the Lye wash finish.





Stunning Nanaimo BC home features Peerless 1×6 Fir Plank Floors:


Standard 1×6 fir plank finished with Rubio Monocoat clear finish product. Leaves a light natural tone.


Fir plank

Peerless 1×6 Fir Plank Flooring finished to natural tones…












Peerless 1x6 Fir Plank Flooring

Peerless 1×6 Fir Plank Flooring


Peerless 1x6 Fir Plank Flooring

Peerless 1×6 Fir Plank Flooring



Fir 1×8 Plank flooring… Lawson – Fenning Contemporary Furnishings/Decor Shop, Hollywood, California.


Peerless 1×8 Fir Wide Plank… bleached to create the lighter Scandinavian toned floors…

Douglas Fir Soap Wash Flooring Los Angeles  







                          Old growth vertical grain fir flooring, once a standard in practically every house in the northwest, is now becoming increasing scarce. We have access to this type of log, and do cut vertical grain flooring. We also get some limited quantities of high quality tight knot face grain flooring from the same type of logs. Pieces are of random length up to 12′. Note: Old growth Flooring not always available, please inquire.      VG fir 8   PriceIn Stock  enquireyes  enquireyes  enquireNo  enquireNo      1″ x 4″ (3/4″ x 3 1/4″)1″ x 5″ (3/4″ x 4 1/4″)1″ x 6″ (3/4″ x 5 1/4″)                                         


1″ x 3″ strip (3/4″ x 2 1/4″ )



Peerless Custom Texture Finish


Fir prefinish 1 IMG_2721 IMG_2726 Burnt Prefinish Fir Plank




Texture and raised grain effects including burnt (or carbonized) patina are custom order finishing effects done at our facility. 


We can also supply a bandsaw marked mechanical finish.  Circular saw marking not available.


Generally the only additional site work to do at time of install is to apply a finish. Usually a very light sanding is done between finish coats…


For more info and pricing for this type of effect please contact us directly.


Facts to consider before ordering



                                              • Unless otherwise offered all Peerless Flooring is “Finish-in Place”  which, depending on the grade and style ordered, means it requires some level of preparation after or sometimes before install and prior to finish application.  At a minimum this will be sanding, but often will include filling or removing defects.



                                            • Economy, or ‘mill-run’ flooring is the same basic stock as the “fully-manufactured” product except that purchaser must do the end and defect trims and ‘fall-down’ will thus be higher.  A good choice for the DIY with the necessary tools.



                                            • End matching is not standard unless requested.  “End-matching”  is the process of putting tongue and groove on the ends of pieces ( to match the edges). It also involves trimming out the worse defects. End matching adds to product cost but is not really necessary,  especially for narrow widths.



To obtain a quote:

Please contact us via email giving us quantity and type of flooring required.  If applicable also give us location information including zip/area code, and full contact information.  We can then advise on technical aspects and requirements as well as include freight cost into the quote.

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