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Red Cedar Lumber

At Peerless we cut and stock a number of standard cedar lumber sizes, and we can custom cut lumber to your particular specifications. Wholesale lots of lumber are also available.

Some of our cedar lumber products include:

1" Dimension Cedar - Select Tight Knot Quality

Pricing for Lumber: Please call ... some items not always in stock.

Dimensions Price
1" x 4" full sawn lengths available to over 20' $0.35 lineal foot
1" x 6" full sawn lengths available to over 20' $0.55 lf
1" x 8" full sawn lengths available to over 20' $0.85 lf

Pricing for Custom Cut Special Order 1" Lumber:

Dimensions Price
1" x 10" to 20' $1.15 lf
1" x 12" to 20' $1.60 lf

Peerless Red Cedar Decking:

A note about Cedar Decking Products available through your local big box store. Most sell so called 5/4 decking which is just 1" thick after planing. Peerless 6/4 is a full 1-1/2" thick ... after planing. Why does this matter? Because besides being inherently stronger a board this thick will last longer and the upper surface can be reinished several times... Renewing the look of your deck without costly rebuilds...

Below pricing for Select Tight Knot Quality as the picture.

Planed four sides1-1/2"x 5-1/2" $1.35 lineal foot.
Bandsawn rough 1-3/4"x 6" $1.10 lineal foot

The Rough Lumber is cut at a thickness of 1 3/4" and width of 6" with random lengths to 20'.

We can offer custom order decking from 1 ˝" x 4" up to 1 ˝" x 12". We can mill full 2" thickness, custom lengths', and clear/knot-free decking lumber. Enquire re availability and pricing.

Peerless Red Cedar Rough Sawn Vertical Siding:

To clarify product we offer, first we'll clarify some of the terminology used. A lot of people know the "board and batten" look. But there are several variations of this vertical siding style. Standard "board and batten" refers to a wide under board normally from 6" to 12" wide with a narrow "batten" usually 2-3" wide covering the joint gaps.

Another common style is the "board on board" version in which boards of the same width are used. The most common version of this is 6" width boards with a 4" under and 6" over pattern.

For a more detailed look at the many styles available we suggest you check this link.

Whichever style you choose we can supply. A lot of our vertical siding is custom cut to order by grade, thickness, widths, and length.





2" Full Sawn Dimension Lumber


Dimensions Price
2" x 4" common lengths $0.75 lf
2" x 6" common lengths $1.20 lf
2" x 8" common lengths $1.80 lf
2" x 10" by custom order $2.40 lf
2" x 12" by custom order $3.30 lf

Cedar Utility Lumber

Because of various defects, some cut cedar just doesn't make full lumber standard. Common defects include splits, wane, oversize or loose knots, and rot pockets. If you are handy with a table saw, there is still a lot of good wood. It is ideal for projects where some defects can be tolerated. We offer this very useable lumber at a substantial discount from standard.



Dimensions Price
1x4 Inquire
1x6 Inquire
1x8 Inquire
2x4 Inquire
2x6 Inquire
2x8 Inquire
4x4 post material and longer Inquire

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