Exterior Siding:

Peerless can supply Wood Exterior Siding and Paneling as profiled product or rough sawn board.

Note too that some of our other unique products including Barn Board can be used for exterior siding. Please check the page Barn Board Page for more info.



Profile Siding : 

Peerless Profile Siding can be supplied in Cedar, Fir or Pine.  In most cases these products would be installed horizontally, but some versions might be used vertically.

Available Profiles:  Please click on the thumbs below to see actual profile

Cedar rounded Log Cabin Siding Cedar Squared Log cabin siding V-Joint Soffit and Siding Straight bevel profile Channel Curved Bevel Bevel T&G Shiplap Joint





Profiled Siding including Bevel and Channel Horizontal Board to V-Joint which can be used either as horizontal or vertical siding as well as for soffit and ceiling board use. Unless otherwise noted all rough sawn or profile stock is Select Tight Knot Material. Profiles: 5-1/2″  finished thickness 5/8″  available in standard tongue and groove, V-Joint t&g, shiplap, log cabin siding, bevel siding, lap siding (two profiles), Priced at $1.05 lineal foot. Quantity minimum may apply.  Not always in stock.

Rough Sawn Lumber Siding:

“Rough Sawn Siding”  means lumber supplied with a rough off-the-saw finish… also called ‘band-saw finish’.  Very ‘West Coast‘  with a  beautiful appearance and very commonly found on structures from sheds and barns to high-end houses. Installed vertical orientation as board and batten, board on board or similar configurations.  Usually Western Red Cedar, but Douglas Fir and Pine can also be used. All three should be installed with a good quality wood finish… both sides… It is a very common (and recommended) practice to request product be planed one side only… the inside… this ensures exact thickness dimension.

Western Red Cedar Rough Sawn:

Most commonly supplied as STK grade (Select Tight Knot) but we can also supply Clear grades if requested.  We can also custom cut larger volume orders to your particular specifications.                       1″ Dimension Cedar – Select Tight Knot Quality Appearance Grade: Peerless stocks some of the finest Appearance Grade STK Cedar available anywhere. Bandsaw Finish Rough Cut Green Full Dimension. All items offered over length by approx. 4″ trim.              Retail Pricing:

Note: Regarding Retail Pricing

March 2013: Because of current dramatic price increases for Cedar Logs we cannot list retail pricing on many items. Call or email for a quote…

Note: Please call as some items not always in stock. Below stock can be offered Planed 1, 2,3 or 4 sides.  Thickness and widths will be reduced. Add $0.20 per lineal foot for planing plus a Planer setup fee $50.  Some edge and surface profiles such as shiplap joint, tongue and groove also available. Let us know what look you need.

Dimensions Price In Stock
1″ x 4″ full sawn lengths 8-12, available to over 20′ call No
1″ x 6″ full sawn lengths 8-12′  available to over 20′ call Yes
1″ x 8″ full sawn lengths 8-12′  available to over 20′ call Yes
1″ x 10″   7/8″ thick  lengths 8-12′ available to over 20′ $1.39 lf Yes
1″ x 12″ full sawn lengths 8-12′ available to over 20′ call Custom Cut


2″ Dimension Cedar – Select Tight Knot Quality Appearance Grade:

Note: Unless otherwise ordered Nominal 2″ Thickness is cut to actual 1-3/4″ Dimension Bandsaw Finish Rough Cut Green. All items offered over length by approx. 4″ trim.

Dimensions Price In Stock
2×2  (1-3/4″x1-3/4″) lengths 8-10′ $0.55 Yes (Clears only)
2×4 (1-3/4″x4″) lengths 8-12′ available longer call yes
2×6 (1-3/4″x6″) 8-12′ available longer call yes
2×8 (1-3/4″x8″)  available to 22′ call Custom Cut
2×10 (1-3/4″x10″) available to 22′ call Custom Cut
2×12 (1-3/4″x12″) available to 22′ $3.30 Custom Cut


Cedar Decking: S4S Stock:

Note: Unless otherwise shown Peerless Decking is Select Tight Knot Quality Western Red Cedar. S4S refers to planed finish all four sides. Corners normally 1/8″ dimension style, but we can offer square profile. If you require rough green finish see 2″ stock above.

Dimensions Price In Stock
Nominal 2×4 actual 1-1/2″x3-1/2″ $0.95 lineal foot Yes
Nominal 2×6 actual 1-1/2″x5-1/2″ $1.39 lf Yes

Price Comparison: We say buy Local… Here is another reason to:
Product:                      Big Box Store Price each (HD)                           Our Price:
S4S WRC 2x4x8′                                 $7.79 ea                                                    $7.60 ea
S4S WRC 2×6 x8′                               $13.49 ea                                                  $11.12 ea.
Other lengths offer similar large savings!!! And remember… taxes are added to above…


Cedar Project Wood:

Peerless is your supplier for unique Project Wood including our own “Hobbit Grade” knotty stock.

We can supply live edge wide width table top stock,  and individual boards from 1′ up to 6″ thick in very unique and attractive patterns. Product Pricing starts at $100 for 2″ thick VG planed both sides stock. Standard planed both sides table tops start at $250 for 8′ lengths and range upwards. Longer lengths up to 14′ are available. These pictures are only a small sample of available material, but give an idea of what we have available.

Bulk orders from artisans and specialty furniture manufacturers will be considered.

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