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Peerless Aged and Antiqued Wood Services:

So perhaps you remember the look of the ancient wood in that old pub in Ireland… and would love a Mantel that looked like that.  Well we can do it for you.

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Peerless specializes in aged wood effects… from the barn board appearance to the antiqued beams and boards look.

Sometimes called distressing wood the idea in all cases is the same: to produce a vintage wood look in which a piece of wood or furniture or other wood component looks like its been around awhile.

There are numerous off-the-shelf- products that attempt to replicate the aged wood, some successfully… most not. At Peerless the techniques we use are home-grown and involve at the least a staining process and more often, mechanical treatment of the wood.

We can produce aged/ antiqued beams and mantels, tables, benchs, bed headboards and frames and other furniture items, as well as interior or exterior paneling and siding, feature walls, wainscoting,  and floors.

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