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At our Cobble Hill location our  focus is on unique and interesting decor products from local woods.

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Peerless specializes in profiled wood including flooring, siding, interior and exterior paneling and trim.  Also our custom Post and Beam structures.

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Shou-sugi-ban siding and paneling products…our latest Product Line… . With this specialized hard-to-find product we’ve created its own dedicated website

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Shou sugi Combo Exterior and Interior Peerless Forest Products, Duncan BC

The new division ‘Peerless Forest Specialties’ is focused on developing our Shou-sugi- ban, charred wood product line. We offer the fully charred traditional versions, which we call ‘Dragon Wood’ through lightly charred and burned and brushed versions. We can also supply colourized versions and other custom finishes

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For local Vancouver Island browsers, we have ongoing special product information always available at our online advertising. The best site to see this information is our permanent ad at the following link: http://www.usedvictoria.coaam/classifieds/building-supplies. Check the “Feature Ad” at this link, and then check the “Our List” link for more featured products.

Fir Flooring

Peerless only offers solid wooden flooring product made from forest species native to British Columbia. For well over 100 years, the best known of the trees used for flooring has been Douglas Fir. Narrow width and clear vertical grain fir flooring can still be found in many an old house...
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Peerless Furniture

Peerless makes tables and table tops either Live Edge or Plank Style in Red Cedar, White Pine, LodgePole Pine or Douglas Fir. We also make Custom tables for specialized applications such as restaurants or Deli’s.
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Feature Wall

Several color shades available: Gray-Silver, Smokey-Tiger, Blue, and Red.
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